Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Again a recommendation for GSoc 2009 - That we need Open

Hello friends
This post too I want recommend some topics to Google SoC 2009. Here too it is related to the music world and many peoples who are using the free software product looks for. Even the linux and free software world is growing day by day and more peoples are attracted by this softwares and are interested in using free software products like Linux operating system, the main thing that makes people to prefer Windows than Linux is one the Multimedia support that the windows have and the Graphics and 3D support.
Even there is multimedia application to play video or audio there is more than that the Windows multimedia have like the sound recording and mixing tool (that audacity will cover) and there is some thing like the KBPiano and Microsoft Playit etc. That is related to the music world that is why it is discussed here and thus recommending to google SoC 2009.
The KBPiano is very useful tool that provides the facility to create instrumental music, i.e. using the KBPaino you can compose an instrumental music for your song. It simulates the sound for Drums, Violin, Piano, Guitar etc. You can create loops, edit and record the instrumental. It has a vriety of features as a music instrumental simulation application.
The Linux users who loves the music world will seek for such a great application from the free software developers, even it is very big project and it can't be completed by the SoC season and timeline. The student can take it as a challenge and work for it by selecting few of the features of KBPiano to implement by the timeline. There is a problem that who will be the mentoring organization for such application, and who will be ready to accept such a project? and who will mentor such a project? and so on.
Similrly there are hundreds of such applications for windows like Microsoft's Play it. It is also simulates the piano, guitar, sax, flute etc. It has an interface similar to the piano keyboard that the KBPiano too have. It allows to play using keyboard or mouse. This is comparatively simpler application than KBPiano. This too allows the user to record and play their instrumentals.
Students and mentoring organizations interested in such applications will be a great effort to make a challenge to the Windows world by getting a hand on the area where they are the masters now.
Hopes this topic will be considered for SoC projects. If a student start it and completes a portion then 100s of peoples aroud the world working for free software world will work to complete the project and sure it will be a great application software for the Linux and open source world.
This needs the knowledge about the music notes, instruments, tones and their mixing. So a student who is better interested with a music instrument and he is a master in coding can do it more easily than other if he hot the better assistance and guidance from the mentors and mentoring organization.
Best of Luck To All SoC Participants.